Balance Beam and Seating

Balance Beam and Seating

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These super attractive Balance Beam/Seats are one of a kind and look great in clusters around any playground inside or out, primarily used for sitting and walking on so children can improve there balance skills.

Finish Colour: - Natural timber colours, we apply 3 coats of Haymes depress paint

Height :- To top of log 400mm

Width :- 400mm wide

Depth :- 250-300mm deep

Length : - 1500mm

Weight :- 45 kilograms

Warranty :- 2 years

Use :- Sitting and walking on

Other Features : -  Non slip crystals on top of balance beam to assist with grip


Can it be moved?

The log counter can be moved by 2 strong fit adults.

What can it be used for?

Sitting & eating and walking on to improve balance skills.

Will it need repainting?

If kept inside it can be painted every 5 years if stored outside every 2 years.

What is the recommended age group?

Recommended age group 2- 5 years

Can it be used outside?

Yes, however the longer it is exposed to the sun the sooner it will require repainting, we also recommend placing the log counter in a shady spot within your playground.

Where are your logs from?

All log products are sustainably sourced, and all products are hand made in Queensland Australia by qualified carpenters and tradesmen.

Is it slippery to walk on?

We apply non-slip crystals to the top of the log to assist with grip.


Children should be fully supervised by an adult at all times whilst using this product.